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Baby-Led Sleep Approach

The Baby-Led Sleep Approach at My Connected Motherhood

“So if you are sleep coaches that doesn’t use sleep training, what approach could you possibly be using? What are your methods?”

We spent months learning from co-creator of the Baby-Led Sleep Approach, Lauren Heffernan, to understand the answer to this question. This education has completely transformed not only the way we view our children’s sleep and bedtime, but also how we approach nearly every parenting moment with our little ones. It has changed how we approach our relationships with them day and night.

Here’s the thing. The Baby-Led Sleep approach isn’t about a particular method at all. How can it be when it is about every single individual child and their individual needs? The approach is about our connection with them as we meet those needs.

Do not be fooled, Baby-Led does not mean letting our little ones run the show. By Baby-Led, what is intended is that we focus on becoming attuned to our baby’s cues and taking it from there. We meet their needs but we also set boundaries and limits where needed. We set limits before we reach our own limits.

Again, do not be fooled, as this approach is not “no cry”. Emotions from our little ones can be big and scary, overwhelming enough that we rush to fix the concern (guilty!). Rather than utilizing a no-cry approach, we can make space for their emotions so that our children can adapt in a safe place. Holding space for their emotions in place they know they are loved and cared for, can be a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing for both mom and baby as our connection strengthens with our child. A beautiful thing that allows parents and baby to feel rested and healthy.

Baby-led sleep is about more than just sleep and an easy bedtime. It is about recognizing that sleep is a vulnerable place. It is about recognizing the need to help our children to develop positive sleep associations that will be there for a lifetime.  

It is about connecting with your child on a deeper level while empowering them to sleep. Empowering our children to sleep from a place of love and trust and connection, but also empowering mothers to believe that they are the best answer for their children.

It is about recognizing what is working for you and your baby and what is not. Recognizing these things instinctually, while always placing attachment and connection at the highest importance.

Most importantly for us, with both our boys, it meant that we were empowered to follow our instincts to get more sleep without resorting to separation based techniques from a place of desperation.

Is it time to find out what Baby-Led Sleep support can mean for you? Are you in need attachment based sleep support that will ALWAYS validate your instincts? 

Sarah & Elli