Connected Membership

 Here at My Connected Motherhood, we strive to connect, support, and empower families to make attachment focused decisions.

Our main focus has always been on how to support you and your little one to stay close and connected while making changes to sleep, but the importance of a responsive and attachment focused relationship doesn’t end when your sleep challenges do.

This approach extends to all aspects of parenting, including feeding, toileting, tantrums/emotions, and overall behavior.  

Our newest offering is a membership option that will connect, support, and empower you longer term in your journey as attachment focused and responsive parents. We’re going to extend beyond sleep to cover all aspects of parenting you may be struggling with as well, while helping you to connect with one another and support you through live Q&A sessions.  

Only $18 monthly!

Connection-Focused Parenting Trainings

We want to join you and support you through your journey as parents. Our Connection-Focused Trainings will give you actionable advice on topics including but absolutely not limited to:

  • Feeding your baby or toddler (how to introduce solids, what to feed your baby/toddler, dealing with food refusal/picking eating, making mealtimes enjoyable, etc.)
  • Managing transitions (toileting, new care providers, new siblings, weaning, etc.)
  • Setting and holding boundaries (with your child and your village)
  • Supporting toddlers with emotions or tantrums (how to handle them in the moment and what you can do outside of the moment to help them regulate)
  • Managing the Mental Load (the day to day tasks at home, managing relationships with partners, parents & inlaws, etc)
  • Self Care (taking a break, making time for you, meeting your needs so you can meet the needs of your family)
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour (hitting, kicking, yelling, throwing food, talking back, parental preference, car rides, etc.)
  • Play (how to play with your child, the power of play, your role in play, dealing with boredom, etc)
  • And more.. 


One of the top things we hear from parents is how lonely it can be. We also know how important it is to surround yourself with people who can support you and lift you up, who also view children and parenting in a similar way to you. Our goal is to help you to make meaningful connections with one another so that you have a virtual village to reach out to and connect with. We’ll be hosting monthly connection chats as well as more focused topic discussions so we can connect and get to know one another. Our community will also have an open forum for discussion that is available at any time so you can connect with one another whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night. 

Live Q&As with Sarah & Elli

One of our favourite things is to connect with you all face-to-face and support you through any challenges you may be facing. Our Live Q&A calls are the perfect place to ask questions about some of the day-to-day challenges you may be facing, get clarification on any of the trainings included in the Connected Membership, or even to get more support after taking one of our courses or a one-to-one call. As always you can pre-submit a question and watch the replay if you can’t join us live. 

Sleep Support Webinars

We know a lot of you are here for sleep support, so your Connected Membership includes access to all our Live Webinars and Replays as long as they’re available (usually about 3 weeks at a time). Our Webinars are longer trainings that go in depth on a specific sleep challenge or transition. They give you a foundational understanding of sleep as well as actionable steps to resolve the challenge or make the transition. Webinars are the perfect way to learn about how to make specific sleep transitions or resolve those tricky sleep challenges as your little one grows. They’re available without a membership for $20 each, but your access is included in your Connected Membership.

See upcoming webinars list below for more details on topics we will be covering.

Discounts on Courses & Calls

If you ever decide you would like the comprehensive access of The Baby Sleep Course or Experience, or would like to connect with us 1-1 on a personalized call, you save 10% just for being a Connected Member. 

  • Connection-Focused Parenting Trainings & Action Steps
  • Community Connection Chats
  • Live Q&As with Elli & Sarah
  • Access to Our Webinars (if they’re available for replay they’re available to you)
  • Focused Discussion Calls
  • Discounts on MCM Courses and 1-1 Calls
  • Co-Sleeping, Safe Bedsharing & Floor Beds
  • Sharing Sleep Responsibilities with a Partner
  • Going Back to Work
  • Managing False Starts
  • Night Weaning
  • Solving Split Nights

Join us today, we can’t wait to see you inside Connected.