Some kind words from families we have supported
in the early years of parenting!

"I am beyond grateful for the transformative experience I had during the 12-week Gentle Parenting Academy program. This program provided us with a comprehensive range of resources, from study materials and insightful videos to weekly calls with other moms. The knowledge and tools I gained throughout this journey have been invaluable in navigating the challenges of parenthood.  Understanding brain development and age-appropriate behavior has given me a deeper insight into my child's needs and emotions. The class equipped me with practical tools to use when facing different challenges with my 20 month old, enabling me to respond with empathy and understanding. One of the most impactful lessons I learned was the importance of self-regulation as a mom. By nurturing my own emotional well-being, I can better support and guide my little one in regulating his emotions. The class also emphasized the significance of giving myself grace, acknowledging that I am doing a great job as a parent. This reminder has been incredibly empowering and has helped me let go of unnecessary self-criticism. Moreover, I have gained clarity on what truly matters in our family and aligned our values accordingly. Letting go of what's less significant has freed up energy and focus to invest in what truly brings us joy and fulfillment as a family.  In conclusion, this Gentle Parenting Program has been a life-changing experience for me. I now feel more confident, compassionate, and connected in my role as a mother. I highly recommend this program to any parent seeking a nurturing and effective approach to raising their children. Thank you for providing such a remarkable and impactful program!" - Catalina

"The My Connected Motherhood parent coaching truly was a revelation and changed our family life for the better.   I didn't go into motherhood consciously thinking about how I want to parent, but it became clear along the way that gentle parenting was for us - and I tried to implement everything I read. The older my daughter got, the more I struggled with regulating myself. I also needed more background information and understanding of the reasons behind the "instructions" on how to gentle parent. The parent coaching provided everything I needed and so much more.  I can honestly say that understanding what happens in our body and brain as well as learning how to handle everything in a healthy way made me a better mom for my sweet girl - everyone should to do this amazing parent coaching program and thrive in parenthood. " -Lisa

"Sarah's help and support have been absolutely invaluable to me and my family. I can't thank her enough for her time and effort in helping us with our sleep. Sarah has completely changed the way I think about sleep and the way I interact with my daughter regarding her sleep. Before Sarah, I was at the end of tether. I slept less than an hour a night due to my baby's multiple wake ups (but mostly now I realize because of my own stress and anxiety about sleep!). I spent all of my time either stressing over my baby's sleep, googling theories about infant sleep, looking for some miracle products to help me to get her to 'sleep through the night' or wondering what on Earth I was doing so wrong. Sarah provided her time, resources and evidence-based knowledge in supporting you to be the best parent you can be - day and night. Sarah helped me to see that so much of certain behaviours that provoked most of the anxiety in me were opportunities for connection. Her gentle approach was exactly what I needed. Everyday I knew I could count on Sarah to listen to me and my perspective, provide support and suggestions that always came from her understanding of my family and her expertise in her field. One of the most important things I think I will walk away with from my time with Sarah was that I am the answer. Her approach is based around understanding and supporting emotion. A lot of the emotion turned out to by my own, rather than my baby's! I will forever be grateful for her time, her effort and most of all, for making me feel like enough. " - Alexandra

“I have just completed a few weeks of guidance with Sarah, and I am thrilled. Sarah has been helping my family try to change some of my 2 year old’s habits. He is very clingy, night and day and he loves to be in my arms, to be cuddled until he is asleep. He wakes up a few times a night, and wanted his cuddles there too. I was beginning to be very tired, which is why I thought I needed some help. I came into this adventure hoping he would get longer stretches of sleep without asking for me so much (which we got), but also so much more! One of the major things I learned with Sarah is how much my relationship with him during the day affects how he is at night. It is so much more than just sleep! I have a hard time setting boundaries with him, I often give into his demands, but we have been working on that a great deal, and I have seen huge progress, both with his sleep and his overall development. It is such a beautiful experience to help our little ones grow, without “training” them…simply accompanying them through the tough times and the fun times. This is what the past few weeks have been for me. In the chaos of our everyday lives, Sarah has helped me look for cues in my son to correctly respond to his needs. Taking the time to think about the previous night and how it went almost every day really allowed us to better understand our child. Sarah’s advice and the little tricks she has given us will be helpful through their whole childhood." - Marie

"There are not enough words to explain how amazing Elli is.

I started out as many first time moms do with a frustration over baby sleep. Around 3 mo her sleep went haywire (we've experienced every sleep regression early with her) and we felt like we were losing it. We hired a sleep training under the guise that what she did was gentle. It was not. We tried the small things but it never really worked. Regrettable we even tried some cry things but nothing improved sleep. We were exhausted living on 4-6 hours of broken sleep a night if we were lucky. Cosleeping was the only thing that got us through but eventually my daughter few to want her own space but refused to stay asleep without us. Enter Elli.

We were exhausted, confused and wanted everyone to get better sleep without crying. We felt hopeless until Elli sweetly said you've got this mama. She's the best cheerleader for a mom and gave us truly supportive, gentle sleep guidance. No rigid sleep plan, no stressful sleep windows, no shaming just love and understanding and building us up to we could be loving set boundaries with out daughter to improve everyone'e sleep.

We went from co-sleeping and starting to wake every 2-3 hours to 1-2 wakes most nights and sleeping through every so often. With very, very few tears for mama or baby. I had no idea how much of a difference having her support would feel. I was so sad when our time was up and still reach out to her, not because we need help (we know sleep is ever changing and roll with it now) but rather because I love her kindness and support you can feel any time you talk to her. She's been such an amazing support and I recommend her to so many people if anyone struggles. She's the best and truly loving and gentle and focused on how to best support mama and baby.
" - Sam and Tiff

"We contacted Elli when our son was 10 months. We had been struggling with split nights, and multiple night waking's. We also were finding it extremely challenging at times to help him fall asleep. We knew that it was most important for us to find a sleep consultant that uses a gentle & respectful approach, and when we found Elli, we know that she was the perfect fit for our family. She is extremely compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable when it comes to infant and toddler sleep. She made us feel so comfortable, and always took the time to answer all of our questions. The tips she gave us helped our family SO much. She helped eliminate the challenges we had been experiencing, and helped us ALL get more sleep! We would definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their child's sleep. She is so kind and loving, and she was definitely the support our family needed. Thank you so much Elli!" - Britt & Grant

"We decided to reach out to Elli when our daughter was 22 months old and still waking up every 1-3 hours to nurse all night long and resisting any attempts we made to night wean. We immediately got a great feeling about Elli, who is compassionate, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable about infant and toddler sleep and well-being. She gave us a variety of tools, each tailored to our family, and worked with us daily on implementing them. She set realistic expectations regarding how long the process would likely take, and helped us to adjust when needed. Thanks to Elli's support our daughter is now able to fall asleep in the middle of the night without nursing. We still have one wake that requires nursing back to sleep, but now I feel like we have the tools necessary to modify that when we feel that we need too. I could not recommend Elli enough. My only regret is that we didn't start working with her sooner!" - Ellen & Phil

"Working with Sarah is the best decision we ever made! We were struggling with our daughter's sleep and our entire family was suffering because of it. Sarah's knowledge of infant and toddler sleep combined with her compassion, kindness and willing to help changed everything for us! We looked around for a sleep consultant for a bit before finding someone who seemed to understand the parts of parenting that we really valued. Sarah's understanding of attachment and supporting our daughter's emotions was so helpful! We really enjoyed how the knowledge Sarah provided us with will help us with sleep beyond the time we worked with her. She helped us understand what was normal when it comes to sleep and really took the stress out of sleep! Sarah never pushed us to leave our child to cry which was exactly what we needed, she always encouraged us to be responsive and follow our instincts. I would recommend to any of my mom friends who are struggling with sleep." - Dianne & Ross 

"I worked with Sarah and we had a really positive experience. It is really a holistic approach and she really encourages you to tune into your baby to figure out what they need. It honestly helped me with so many more things than just sleep that I wouldn't have likely otherwise considered. She's very supportive and encouraging. Sarah is very approachable, encouraging, knowledgable and flexible. I felt Sarah was a part of my tribe, helping to build me up on this motherhood journey. I'll certainly miss our daily communication - Sarah's email responses came to be something I looked forward too each day. What I gained from working with Sarah was so much more than just sleep - it has changed my perspective on so many parenting issues and helped me better understand the emotions of both my baby and my 3 year old. Sarah was has so many great ideas and I'm so appreciative of each and every one of them. Many thanks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Kate 

"When we started working with Sarah our daughter was waking for 2-3 hours every night. Sarah helped make changes to remove the split night and now she is sleeping 11-12 hours straight! Sarah was so responsive and helpful! I love that I never had to make any changes that did not feel good to me. Sarah never pushed us to do anything that didn't feel right to us and it was amazing to work with a sleep consultant who placed so much focus on attachment!" - Rachel

"Elli, I wanted to tell you we were very pleased with how you listened to our concerns and followed our lead in terms of where we wanted to see changes. You gave us your honesty opinion based on your expertise in the situation, but also offered different suggestions where we expressed we wanted to see changes. You took a lot of time to answer all of our questions and were really patient in making things clear for us when we got confused. The suggestions you offered us were things I never would have thought of on my own, despite all of the late-night google research and reading I had been doing. The tips made a huge difference in eliminating some of the challenges we had been experiencing for months. Best of all, we were comforted knowing that we could making some gains with our son's sleep, while still approaching it in a gentle and respectful way. Thanks for everything that you did to help us!" - Laura & Dallas

"We appreciate your kind words and encouragement, Elli. We want to thank you so much for your support over the last many weeks. It's amazing to think about how far we've come since we first started working together, with our daughter being able to sleep in her crib for long stretches of time. We definitely feel more confident in facing future challenges that will inevitably arise with our daughter's continued development." - Sally & Steve

"I contacted Elli after I realized that I did not feel comfortable sleep training my 8 month old daughter but was started to really feel upset and distraught about her sleep patterns ever making sense to me. It was absolutely the best decision I could have taken. An anxious first time mom, I was being bombarded with all sorts of conflicting advice and information. But talking to Elli finally helped me feel more comfortable and confident with the choices I was making for my daughter. Her excellent thoughts and compassionate advice encouraged me to really think about what my goals were and do what I needed to accomplish them. I also loved that she was so willing to help me with questions that weren't necessarily about my child's sleep, because often it's the things happening in the background that spill over into how you help your child with sleep. As time has progressed, I feel even better about having asked for Elli's help because she's made me feel so confident not just about her sleep but about my parenting style in general! I highly recommend her services." - Midhat

"When we started working with Sarah our daughter was waking 10+ times a night. She now goes to bed about 7 or 7:30pm each night and usually sleeps through until 6am. When we look back on the progress we made, we are very happy we have mad and are so grateful to you for all of your support through the process. Bedtime is no longer a battle and it usually only takes about 10 minutes. Huge progress!" - Cassidy 

"Having someone besides us who cared and was trying to figure how to help has been huge. It made us feel a lot less alone, or like this was all because we did something wrong. Sarah also gave us the confidence to trust our instincts, even if it wasn't anything we had read about in baby sleep articles or books." - Morgan 

"I literally never thought we might never sleep again when we reached out to Sarah for sleep support. Not only is she very caring, kind and helpful, Sarah was able to help us make so many positive changes with our baby! Sarah answered every question we had with patience and understanding and she never pushed us to do anything that didn't feel right to us. As first time parents we were so overwhelmed and confused and Sarah helped us to feel confident in ourselves again. Sarah's daily responses were so helpful in making sure we saw results that helped our entire family to sleep again!" - Hanna and Connor

"We are so grateful for the support that Elli provided to our family. When we started struggling with our baby's sleep around 4 months I began consuming a ton of information, but everything I read did not resonate. The advice being given didn't feel right to me and I knew we needed a different approach to addressing our family's sleep issues. Elli provided education to us as first time parents and normalized infant sleep. She helped us to follow our intuition as parents and trust that we knew best what our baby needed. She guided us through gentle changes and adjustments that made a big difference for our baby and us. Elli was wonderful to work with. She is warm, compassionate and non-judgemental. I felt like we could be so open and vulnerable with her and that she was always there to provide support and remind us that we were doing an amazing job." - Gillian and Remil

"I'll never forget an email I sent to Elli saying how frustrated we were trying for more than hour to make our daughter sleep. That night I felt that anything would be just a waste of time, waste of energy, because I thought our sleep situation would never change.

For months we were trying to find a sleep consultant, but one we could identify ourselves with, as we could never follow cry-it-out method and I never liked to hear that I should stop nursing to make her sleep through the night.

We had our first appointment and Elli was so kind, nice and natural.. we felt right from the start we had found the right person to help us. She helped me to reconnect with my instincts. I was so contaminated by everything I've read about baby sleep that I was feeling a failure. Through her holistic and respectful approach we could change things, and while we were implementing our plan, we got emotionally supported by her!

Elli is so compassionate and during our period together I felt that she was more than just a consultant we hired, but she was a friend, a mother who could understand me and support both of us.

Now everything is so much better. Our daughter sleeps better, we can listen to our parent instincts and know what to do. We are not afraid of tears anymore, we know we can comfort our daughter!

We cannot thank you enough, Elli!" -
Patricia and Jelle

"Our experience with Elli was amazing! She was easy to work with and gave us valuable tools and information not just for now but also for the future. She accommodated us when we needed extra time to work on some of the tools we were implementing. I am so grateful for her and all that she has done for us. Elli, I cannot thank you enough." - Natalie and Jordan

"I'm very appreciative of the help and support my husband and I received from our 15 month old son. We were struggling with multiple night wakings and early rising. Sarah helps us to tune into our son's needs and over our sleep obstacles. He has made HUGE progress and we have her to thank! Thank you Sarah!" - Kate 

"I cannot say enough positive things about our time of support with Sarah! We really appreciated how Sarah quickly understood my family's need and goals and that she got back to me quickly. She often went the extra mile to give helpful tricks and insight. Sarah always listened intently to our concerns and never made us feel silly for worrying about sleep. I feel much more confident in my ability to meet my daughter's need after working with Sarah." - Erin 

"Sarah, thanks so much for the support you provided. I am especially finding it much easier to follow my instincts and to support his tears because of the materials and guidance you provided!" - Mary 

"I am elated we found Elli. Sleep was rough with our little girl but we do not believe in sleep training. We needed to find a way for her to settle for my husband, improve her naps and go to sleep at night a little faster.

Elli's guidance and unwavering support helped us in all these areas. Her insights into infant sleep, her innate ability to connect with us as a family, her daily check-ins and her holistic Baby-Led Sleep approach gave us the tools to improve our entire familial sleep situation.

Thank you Elli, I don't believe we could have gotten this far without you!"
- Aurelia & Eoin

"We had been wanting a sleep consultant for months, as our daughter was co-sleeping, nursing and waking every 45min-1.5 hours every single night, and most nights I couldn't sneak away after putting her to bed. We were nervous to hire a consultant as we practice gentle parenting and were absolutely not interested in a cry-it-out method.

We are so thankful we reached out to Elli because within a month her sleep habits have completely changed! All with a gentle, supportive approach we were comfortable with. Elli offered different ideas each night we had trouble and I was able to pick which option worked best individually for my child, which was amazing. Elli offered guidance, and support, and we were able to create parent-led changed while remaining gentle and respectful to our daughter. We can't thank Elli enough and look forward to utilizing her when our next child arrives this fall! Thank you, Elli!" 
- Jennie & Jake

"I would highly recommend Elli. Elli is caring, supportive and truly has the whole family's best interest in mind. I work with a different sleep consultant with my first child, and there is no comparison to the level of support and non-judgement provided by Elli. She helped me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and always respected and encouraged what I felt was best for my son. Her approach is gentle and respects the baby's emotional needs. Though there were some hiccups along the way due to sickness and teething, Elli has given me the skills and foundation I needed to continue working on my son's sleep without support. I would definitely contact Elli to help with a future child's sleep concerns." - Marissa 

"Sarah's sleep was support was exactly what we needed! Sarah supported in setting limits and making changes so we could go from 11 wakes a night to 11 hours straight of sleep in a night! We were able to do this without ever having to leave our child alone or unsupported which was very important to us. Sarah is not like other sleep consultants - she really takes into accounts your child's needs and emotions which was so important to us!" - Lindsay 

"Sarah completely changed the way I see sleep with my toddler. The way she helped my understand emotion and limits in a whole new way and it made such a huge difference in the struggles we were having. Sarah was so compassionate and really took the time to make sure I felt comfortable with everything we were working on. Sarah always answered all our questions with patience and kindness and she always went to the extra mile to help us see the changes we needed to see for our family to get more sleep without the battle!" - Dana & Jacob

“As a new mom, I thought I had to be exhausted or I had to give formula or I had to let my baby cry in order to get sleep.  I was SO wrong!  Elli taught my husband and I how to best soothe, comfort and provide a routine for our daughter so that she was able to sleep well.  She was teaching, guiding, supporting, loving, and understanding.  Once our daughter slept well, we all thrived!  Now we have a happy, healthy baby who sleeps through the night with a great nap schedule and I can see how much sleep can affect her overall health and happiness.  Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this season of our lives!” - James & Sarah

"When we started working with Sarah, I was exhausted. I was also confused on how I could make changes and still be fully responsive to my child. Sarah really helped me to understand emotion and how to be there for my toddler while making changes so that we could all get more sleep. Sarah was compassionate and patient through the entire process and made sure that we fully understood how to help our child without feeling uncomfortable with what we were doing. I really did not think that it was possible to get more sleep without sleep training but when we were finished our time of support we were all sleeping much better and I was even feeling better about my connection with my son!" - Nicole and Aaron

"When we first began looking for someone to help us with our toddler’s sleep, it was very important to us that we find someone who understood and respected our philosophy as parents – both around sleep and while awake. We found this in Elli. Elli’s approach was respectful of our goals for our family and she completely supported us through the process. She offered a gentle and kind approach to our toddler’s sleep that involved no “sleep training”. Elli was extremely patient with us and never pushed us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with. Not only did she provide us with strategies and techniques to improve our toddler’s sleep (during the day and night) but emotionally supported myself and my husband as we made these changes as well. By encouraging us to always follow our instincts she helped to empower us around the decisions we were making as parents.” - Kelley

“Elli did a great job of listening intently and asking questions to gather information regarding my family and our sleep habits. She was professional, knowledgeable, and non judgmental. She was timely and available in responding when I reached out to her. She had good, beneficial suggestions which were beneficial to myself and my family in improving our sleep habits. I would highly recommend her services!” - Paula

“Elli was there every step of the way helping me and my family overcome some sleep issues we were having with my eight-month-old son. She didn’t let a day go by without checking in on us to see how we were doing with each new transition. Elli went above and beyond for me and my family and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel Elli would be a great asset to any family requesting her services. She goes at a pace you are comfortable with and also has alternatives to any recommendation that she gives. She truly saved my sanity over the course of eight weeks and I am so happy I was given an opportunity to work with her.” - Julia 

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