Do you have a new baby and are wondering where to even start with their sleep?!

Or maybe you have a slightly older baby and you’ve been getting by but could use a little bit of help but every time you do a search you’re being told you have to sleep train or blamed for creating bad habits?

We get it, because we were there, and since being there we’ve helped hundreds of families to get more sleep without the use of ANY sleep training.

Introducing our Complete Baby Sleep Course! This course will take you through everything you need to know about your little one’s sleep from birth to 18 months of age. Built with tired parents in mind, this course is broken into easily digestible videos that allow you to find exactly what you need to know to get your family more sleep, all without the use of sleep training.

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What You Get

First Things First 

We’ve built this course in the same way that we’ve supported all our families one-on-one. First starting with the fundamentals of sleep. We talk you through everything you need to know about how sleep works, how to best set yourself up for success, and what factors may be preventing your family from getting the sleep you all need (and trust us, we’re never blaming you for creating bad habits!). The fundamentals modules are made to educate you and empower you to make changes to your little one’s sleep while keeping their unique needs at the top of mind. We never suggest a blanket approach because it just doesn’t work.

More Sleep For the Whole Family

Once those fundamentals are in place, we move on to how you can address common sleep challenges and walk you through exactly how we make our most popular sleep transitions so you can implement those changes within your family, at the pace that works best for you. For all of these changes, we know that one approach is never going to work for all families, so we’ve laid out different strategies for you so that you can pick something that feels really good for your family, since you know your baby best.

Attachment as the Focus

We don’t believe in sleep training so every single approach is built with your relationship and attachment to your child at the centre of the approach. We want you to stay close and connected while supporting your baby through any changes. 

We know this will give you everything you need to navigate your baby’s sleep.

Included in your purchase:

  • Lifetime access inclusive of future updates
  • 20% off a support call with us

Ready to get more sleep without sleep training? 

What Are Parents Saying?

"I have really appreciated the support I’ve received by joining Elli and Sarah’s course. The modules are very thorough yet easy to work through given the little time we have as new moms. Elli and Sarah strike a thoughtful balance between valuing the relationship between parent and child while still appreciating that parents can also have needs and limits when it comes to supporting their baby’s sleep. I would highly recommend this course to any new parent, regardless of your particular struggle or stage of the sleep journey, you will definitely learn something that helps you and your little one." - Alexandra

"First of all, thank you for creating this content. I was wondering whether I could get enough information out of it that would fit our specific situation, but I definitely did. It is so helpful to have all the information in one place. I found lots of bits and pieces on the internet, but for every piece that feels right there are 10 that don't and it can be overwhelming to sift through it all and base choices purely on feeling. I liked that there is a lot of valuable information in this course and that you offer concrete solutions at the end. I was tempted to jump right to the end and am very happy I didn't. Taking the time to listen to all the modules also gave me time to let the information sink in and sit with it for a while Instead of trying to "fix" the situation. The feeling that I could take the time to figure things out really helps me to stay calm and feel less overwhelmed in new situations. I feel a lot more confident that I am the answer in most situations and that as long as our connection is strong I am able to provide her with what she needs and more, so she can grow up to be a healthy human. I will recommend the course to my friends. Thank you both for all the content you create. It really helped me grow as a parent." - Katharina

"Thank you for this course. I was whole heartedly able to accept my baby’s need to be connected physically and emotionally to me. I do not feel guilty about bed sharing or attending to my little one at night. I feel more calm and put together after the course. I now have the peace of mind to figure out various needs my baby may have. We are now trying to transition her to the crib. But this time we are enjoying it. Thanks a ton." - Divya

What's In the Course?


Will my baby cry?

Babies often cry in response to a change we’re asking them to make, but we believe these tears should be supported with love and empathy. Within the course we guide you through supporting emotion. You will learn all about how to guide your child through the changes while respecting and supporting their tears in a responsive way. We always ask that you are supporting your baby through any change and that you stay both physically and emotionally present with them at all times. We never ask you to leave the room or respond in intervals because we know babies need parental presence to down-regulate.

Is there any sleep training involved?

NO. We don’t believe in sleep training and it’s never a solution we recommend to families. Our course was created to guide your family through sleep transitions without the use of any separation based techniques. There is absolutely no sleep training involved in this process. We have provided you with a comprehensive explanation of attachment and emotion so you can guide your child through all changes in the most responsive way possible.

What do you define as sleep training?

We define sleep training as the use of separation - whether physical or emotional - from our child to achieve a desired behaviour. We want to put the relationship first, always, so we encourage you to stay present, physically and emotionally, so that you can follow your instincts and attune to your baby in every interaction you have with them.