At My Connected Motherhood, we believe parenting is about a relationship with
your child, not a quick fix solution.  We strive to Connect, Support and Empower mamas to make responsive and attachment-focused parenting decisionsthat feel good for their families.  

We connect with families all over the world through our our self-paced courses, one to one support, group sleep and parenting coaching as well as our membership program.

Elli is a gentle parent of two young boys who also happens to be a Parent & Sleep Coach. When Elli’s first son was born, she quickly realized that baby sleep was not something that came easily to many families. Elli struggled to get her baby to fall asleep and stay asleep and felt pressured by all the books and experts to make a change or continue to live a sleep deprived life forever.

Elli then set out to find an alternative solution to baby sleep challenges. One that she could identify with and that aligned with her values as a mom. Throughout her journey Elli has learned that there are so many foundational factors that affect sleep and that there are ways to get sleep without sleep training, which respects a family’s attachment, bond, and connection to their child.  

In doing so, Elli learned about the importance of attachment and connection as they extend beyond sleep and into the daily realities of daytime parenting. In doing so Elli learned that the traditional parenting strategies of punishment and rewards did not have to be the way that she parented her children. That in fact, children don’t need to be punished or rewarded to gain their cooperation or compliance. That instead, the power to parent comes from the connection between a parent and their children and that by prioritizing that connection families can thrive!

Elli now passionately supports families to gently parent their young children. Whether that’s working with them on getting sleep without sleep training, or supporting the parents to move away from punishments as a means of control. Elli loves working with families to empower them to parent from a place of connection that aligns with the current research on child development.  
As a mom of three little boys, Sarah understands the importance of sleep and strongly believes that getting a good night's rest is possible without compromising your relationship with your child. Before becoming a certified Sleep & Well-Being Specialist,  Sarah believed that it was either sleep training or nothing but has now become passionate about sharing this approach to empower other parents so that families can thrive.

The further Sarah got into parenting, the more it became clear that sleep was one of the first things most families struggled with or had questions about, but it certainly wasn’t the last or the only. Sarah has learned so much about parenting from the heart with space for instincts to guide her and it has now become her passion to guide other parentings in learning how to parent with confidence, clarity and curiosity. 

The more obvious it became to Sarah that there was so much to learn about being a peaceful and conscious parent, the more she wanted to understand and embrace it in her daily life with her boy. This led her to becoming a certified Parent Coach as well so that she could support families with more than just sleep.

 Sarah wants nothing more than to empower parents when it comes to sleep and beyond in the early years. She invites you to connect with her so she can walk alongside you in transforming your parenting journey so that you can connect with your child on a deeper level, while also seeing and loving your child for exactly who they are. Sarah is here to help you embrace your truth of being the best parent there is for your child. 

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