At My Connected Motherhood, we believe parenting is about a relationship with
your child, not a quick fix solution.  We strive to Connect, Support and Empower
mamas to make responsive and attachment-focused parenting decisions
that feel good for their families.  

We connect through our virtual mama groups and online communities.  
We support through our one-on-one support packages and our self-paced online courses.  
We empower you to follow your heart and trust your instincts,
knowing you are making informed decisions for your family.

Elli is a Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, Baby-Led Sleep and Well-being specialist, and mama of two little boys. When Elli’s first son was born, she quickly realized that baby sleep was not something that came easily to many families.  Elli struggled to get her baby to fall asleep and stay asleep and felt pressured by all the books and experts to make a change or continue to live a sleep deprived life forever. Elli eventually decided to sleep train using the most gentle method she could find but did not feel it was a good solution for her family. 

Elli then set out to find an alternative solution to baby sleep challenges. One that she could identify with and that aligned with her values as a mom. Throughout her journey Elli has learned that there are so many foundational factors that affect sleep and that there are ways to get sleep without sleep training, which respects a family’s attachment, bond, and connection to their child. 

Elli is passionate about helping families to understand what normal infant and toddler sleep looks like. She loves working with families to change the pieces of a family’s sleep routine that they no longer enjoy while empowering them to hold on to all the pieces they love. 
As a mom of three little boys, Sarah understands the importance of sleep and strongly believes that getting a good night's rest is possible without compromising your relationship with your child. Before finding the Baby-Led sleep approach Sarah believed that it was either sleep training or nothing but has now become passionate about sharing this approach to empower other parents so that families can thrive.

Sarah is a Certified Sleep & Well-Being Specialist who uses a holistic and integrative approach rooted in attachment. She guides families in making positive changes by placing a strong focus on contact, closeness and connection. 

Sarah has become passionate about empowering parents to follow their heart and trust their instincts when it comes to knowing what it is best for their child. She believes that taking a holistic approach to sleep without the use of any formal sleep training can empower parents to be the best answer for their children.

Let Sarah guide you in connecting with your child on a deeper level and helping your entire family to get more sleep. 

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