Have you been trying to figure out your little one’s sleep and you just feel like no matter what you do,  you’re struggling?

We remember that feeling, mama.  We remember trying to find everything and anything online related to sleep so we could all just get more sleep without making a huge or drastic change to how we approached sleep in our home. We remember looking for so much information that it led to us signing up for and completing a couple full sleep certifications and now we want to share some of the absolute basics that can make a HUGE difference in how much sleep everyone is getting in your home.

Now we are sure you have all read and heard about independent sleep or drowsy but awake.  Let us assure you, this is not what we are talking about.

We are talking about the fundamentals of sleep.  The basics.  Where we start with EVERY single family we work with, before ever taking any steps to make a bigger change to how or where their children are sleeping in their home.

These foundational aspects of sleep are what set us up for success when making a bigger change in sleep, but they also help to get us part of the way to meeting a family’s sleep goals. Most families report an improvement in sleep after ONLY implementing the fundamentals of sleep.

The Fundamentals of Sleep Course is our introductory sleep course.  It’s the foundations that all of our other courses build off of (so much so, that it’s actually included in each of our other courses). It is SO incredibly valuable to have the fundamentals in place in your family to help everyone get more sleep. 

Course Structure

The Fundamentals of Sleep course is broken into 3 modules that detail everything you need to know about: 
  • Sleep Science
  • Sleep Environment
  • Rhythm & Routine 

 Each module includes an easily digestible video lesson to talk you through everything you need to know about each topic as well as hand outs and pdf documents to further support your learning and help you with the implementation of the information provided.

These modules will help you to understand how sleep works, what drives sleep, how to optimize a sleep environment for sleep and safety, and how and why we prefer to use rhythms and routines rather than schedules.

Is this course for me?

This course is designed for parents and caregivers who: 

  • Have a baby or toddler
  • Want to begin to nudge their families toward more sleep, but are not ready to make a bigger change to how or where their child is sleeping
  • Value attachment, connection, and relationship in their approach to parenting

Ready to get started?

$30 + applicable taxes.