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Transitioning away from nighttime feeds is a big change for everyone and one we feel should be done with compassion, closeness, and comfort. Our Transitions Rooted in Attachment courses all focus on making gradual transitions in a way that honours and respects your attachment and relationship with your child.

This course was built for families with children 9 months of age or older in mind.  The strategies presented will give you everything you need to either eliminate all night feeds or to reduce night feeds from your current number of feeds to your ideal number of feeds. We don’t believe there is one approach that works for every family so this course takes you through 4 different approaches, plus special options for parents of highly sensitive or spirited babies. This will allow you to choose the best approach for your unique child.

Fundamentals of Sleep

We have seen what a difference it makes to ensure the fundamentals of sleep are in place before making a transition. For this reason, we are including 3 fundamental of sleep modules in this course!

In addition to the Night Weaning module, you will have access to the modules on Sleep Science, Sleep Environment, and Rhythms & Routine. These will help you to optimize your child’s sleep and help you to make this transition with greater ease. 
What's Included?
  • Over 90 minutes of instructional content
  • Night Weaning Workbook to help you to reflect, plan, and execute this transition
  • Fundamentals of Sleep Modules
  • PDF Handouts to further support your learning

Is this course for me?

This course is designed for parents and caregivers who: 

  • You have a baby/toddler 9 months or older
  • You are looking to make a change from how you are currently responding to your child at nighttime
  • You are looking to reduce or eliminate nighttime feeds
  • You want to stay close and connected with your child throughout the change
  • You are looking for a gradual approach, not a quick fix 

What Parents Are Saying 

"I LOVED the night weaning course! As a new mom to 10 month old twins, I spend a lot of time nursing, especially at night time. I love the closeness and connection I get from nursing but nursing every 2 hours through the night was getting really hard. I had read about other night weaning approaches and those felt too distressing and abrupt for my family. This course is gentle and doesn't give any hard and fast rules that you need to follow. The strategies provided totally honors the attachment between mama and baby, and ensures that you can make sustainable changes that keeps the breastfeeding relationship in mind. Additionally, the course has a strong focus on each baby's unique needs and gives space for mama to follow her instincts! I learned different strategies that allowed me to stay attuned to each of my baby's needs and make changes at my own pace. The course's focus on the uniqueness of each baby allowed me to tune in even more to my little guys and really follow what felt right for us. I will be recommending this course to all my breastfeeding mama friends!" - Sara

"I purchased the night weaning course after my 19 month old continued to wake every 2-3 hours sometimes 1-2. We usually co-sleep from around 4am where he would want to nurse constantly. I loved the tone of this course as it didn't feel like I was being forced into trying a certain method and it has given me the tools to support my son throughout this journey. I also love the fact that they have not told me to stop nursing him to sleep. I have started the process of night weaning and am comfortable knowing that I can go at my own pace." - Charmaine