Are you the only one who can put your little one to sleep despite a village of support who wants to help share in sleep responsibilities? Are you a parent who wants to be able to put their little one to sleep but struggles to settle them? Are you looking for an attachment-focused and responsive approach to making a change around who can put your little one to sleep?

We’ve created this course just for you.

Stop googling “why will my baby only fall asleep for me” and “how do I get someone else to put my child to sleep”, we’ve got the answers for you.

Being the only one responsible for your child’s sleep can leave parents feeling a lot of pressure. Bringing in another parent or caregiver to share sleep responsibilities can lead to some really positive change for families. Let us guide you through involving another parent or caregiver in being able to put baby or toddler to bed, down for naps, or respond overnight to their child.

This is one of our favourite sleep transitions! We love giving parents the flexibility of not being the sole caregiver around sleep and have so much fun seeing other parents and caregivers finally be able to help their little ones fall asleep (which so many want to be able to do)!
Join us as we guide you through preparing mom or primary caregiver for the transition, as well as the family and baby. You will also be given guidance on how to make changes in broken down steps while also learning how to address emotion and tears in a responsive way that might come in response to this change! 

Attachment as the Priority

Our self-paced online course is designed with attachment at the core.  Learn all about how you can prepare for and make the transition to having dad, grandma, or any caregiver put your little one to sleep. Our attachment focused approach teaches how you can build and strengthen your attachment to your little one, how to help facilitate attachment to a new caregiver through the process of matchmaking, and how emotion and the adaptive process play a role in the transition to sharing sleep responsibilities.

Fundamentals of Sleep

We have seen what a difference it makes to ensure the fundamentals of sleep are in place before making a transition. For this reason, we are including 3 mini modules in this course!

In addition to the Sharing Sleep Responsibilities module, you will have access to the modules on Sleep Science, Sleep Environment, and Rhythms & Routine. These will help you to optimize your child’s sleep and help you to make this transition with greater ease. 
What's Included?
  • Over 75 minutes of instructional content
  • Sharing Sleep Responsibilities Workbook to guide you as you plan, prepare, and execute the transition
  • Fundamentals of Sleep Modules
  • PDF Handouts to further support your learning

Is this course for me?

This course is right for you if: 

  • You have a baby or toddler
  • You are looking to bring in another parent or caregiver to help you with putting your child to sleep for naps and bedtime or responding through the night
  • Attachment and connection with your child are something you value even during sleep changes 
  • You want to make changes without using any sleep training or separation based techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the caregiver I want to share sleep responsibilities with have to be a parent?
No we provide you with the information needed to bring in another caregiver that could be a parent, your partner who is not a parent, a family member, or friend.  If the caregiver is someone you trust or is part of your attachment village you will be able to apply the content in the course to your situation.

I currently nurse my little one to sleep, will I have to stop doing this to allow for another parent or caregiver to be able to put them to sleep?
Absolutely not! Most of the families we work with nurse their little ones to sleep and have others cuddle/snuggle their little ones to sleep.  Babies and toddlers have different boundaries with different caregivers, so if you want to continue to nurse to sleep there’s no need to change this!

I am afraid my child will cry when I am not the one putting them to sleep.  Is this still the right course for me?
Within the course we guide you through supporting emotion both as the primary caregiver and the caregiver being brought in to share sleep responsibilities.  You will learn all about how to guide your child through the changes while respecting and supporting their tears in a responsive way.

Is there any sleep training involved?
All of our “Transitions Rooted in Attachment” self-paced courses are created to guide your family through sleep transitions without the use of any separation based techniques. There is absolutely no sleep training involved in this process. We have provided you with a comprehensive explanation of attachment and emotion so you can guide your child through this change in the most responsive way possible. 

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