"Parenting well does not come naturally,
what comes naturally
is the parenting way we
were parented" - Allan Schore

You’ll get...

  • An understanding of the different normal phases children go through and how to manage them
  • Practical tips for implementing gentle parenting strategies in the moment 
  • Time to talk through specific scenarios
  • Opportunities to connect with other parents and share experiences
  • Support to handle challenging situations with grace and in a way that doesn’t damage your relationship and trust
  • Knowledge of how to hold boundaries with your kids in a way that respects and fosters attachment and builds emotional intelligence
  • More confidence in raising your children using a gentler approach than you were likely raised with
  • Tools to help you maintain patience & calm during challenging moments
  • A deeper understanding of your child so you can better meet the needs beneath their actions
  • An understanding of how to set boundaries without becoming too permissive or dominant
  • A group coaching program designed to help you to actually become the parent you always dreamed you would be

Choose between 3 payments of $127 or 1 payment of $347.

The Connected Parenting Academy includes...

  • Weekly group coaching calls to support you in your journey and work through any parts that you feel stuck in and celebrate your wins along the way 
  • 12 weeks of videos and workbooks through the Jai Institute for Parenting Transformational Parenting Program to gain a deeper understanding of attachment, nervous system science, brain development, emotion coaching, setting boundaries, and more! 
  • A community of like-minded parents so you're never alone in your journey

"My daughter is 16 months old and I recently took the course. It was AMAZING! There is a lot of buzz on the internet/social media about gentle parenting. This course helped me to understand what it actually is and how to use it! It gave me the tools to feel confident holding boundaries with my daughter and holding space for her emotions about these boundaries. I cannot recommend it enough!" - Danielle

"This course was life-changing for me and my daughter... every parent should take it to understand better and make life easier. This course just connects so many dots about gentle parenting, gives us so much information and techniques to help during the challenging situations with toddlers. Anyone who can get a spot - lucky you!" - Lisa

“I always felt so confident and able after the coaching calls. My son is learning and and I am learning too and it is okay to be learning together and it’s okay to be learning together”   - Emily

“My attitude around parenting has changed. I am more accepting and relaxed around all the challenges that come with parenting instead of going into a really negative mindset”  - Rhaeling

"I now feel more confident, compassionate, and connected in my role as a mother. I highly recommend the Gentle Parenting Academy program to any parent seeking a nurturing and effective approach to raising their children. Thank you for providing such a remarkable and impactful program" - Catalina

"The My Connected Motherhood parent coaching truly was a revelation and changed our family life for the better. I didn't go into motherhood consciously thinking about how I want to parent, but it became clear along the way that gentle parenting was for us - and I tried to implement everything I read. The older my daughter got, the more I struggled with regulating myself. I also needed more background information and understanding of the reasons behind the "instructions" on how to gentle parent. The parent coaching provided everything I needed and so much more. I can honestly say that understanding what happens in our body and brain as well as learning how to handle everything in a healthy way made me a better mom for my sweet girl - everyone should to do this amazing parent coaching program and thrive in parenthood. " -Lisa

 “The connection and validation went a long way in carrying me through some hard times, knowing I am not alone when I am in the trenches”  - Ashley

What age range is this aimed at?
Most of the families joining Connected Parenting Academy will have children aged 0-7 years, however this program is very parent centric so you are welcome to join no matter how old your child is.

How big are the groups?
The groups are capped at 12 people per group so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and receive coaching. A group this size allows for personal connections and individual focus during our time with us.

How much of a time investment is required?
About 2-3 hours a week, an hour for the group coaching calls and 1-2 hours to review the content and workbooks.

Is it just basic information on what gentle parenting is?
This program is so much more. Families see incredible transformations, in depth education, perspective shifts and endless tools to show up as the parent they want to be.

Isn’t gentle parenting just letting them do whatever they want?
This is such a misunderstanding.  Gentle, or connection focused parenting is about connection, boundaries, emotional support, seeing beneath the behaviour and understanding your child for who they are. Connected parenting is not the same a permissive parenting.