Every parent has the ability to make shifts in their parenting so they can show up for their children in way that feels intuitive and respectful. We all have a vision of who we want to be as a parent but we often find ourselves getting stuck along the way. Through an understanding of emotion, neurodevelopment, attachment and nervous system science you can get unstuck and feel confident navigating any situation confidently and compassionately with your child.

Shifting your perspective on parenting can transform your overall relationship with your child as well as day to day moments with them in a very powerful way. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but growing and learning alongside your child can be the most incredible experience if we are willing to embrace it. Our children do not need us to be perfect, they need us to be present and intentional. They need us to show up for them with curiosity and empathy, with a longing to connect with them.
Recognizing that you are the absolute best parent there is for your child while simultaneously meeting our children where they are at and seeing them for who they are enables us to parent them in the way they need us to. Connection is at root of all things parenting and is truly one of our most powerful tools as parents.

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