Reduce or eliminate night feeds in a way the honors you instincts. Attachment and connection is at the heart of everything we do and that’s what all the strategies laid out in this guide are based on! Learn about four separate strategies to night wean without any sleep training techniques while also gaining an in-depth understanding of emotion and how to support your child's emotions in an attachment focused way. The perfect resource to night wean from a place of confidence and empowerment.

Learn how to change HOW you are supporting your child around sleep without ever changing IF. When your current sleep associations are no longer working it is okay to make a change, but this change can absolutely be made with connection and closeness as the top priority. Learn how to establish new associations and make this change for your family while always remaining present and responsive.

 Being the only one responsible for you little's sleep can be exhausting and frustrating. If you're ready to begin sharing sleep responsibilities with another caregiver this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about preparing your family through the change, how to make the change as well as how to stay emotionally supportive for your child. 

Is your family growing!? Congratulations! Now is the perfect time to learn how to prepare for supporting two children with sleep and how to keep connection strong with both your older children and any new additions! 

Are you struggling with one or more wakes in the first hour or two after bedtime? False starts are frustrating! This sleep challenge is caused by a few different things - all of which are outlined and paired with solutions in our False Starts Guide! 

Is your family struggling with a sleep challenge or transition not seen here?! Check out comprehensive, self-paced course, The Baby Sleep Course for everything you need to know about getting more sleep without sleep training!