See first hand from families we have supported how The Baby Sleep Experience has helped their families to make changes while staying close and connected. 

"I joined the Baby Sleep Experience after six months of split nights with my one year old son. During the zoom sessions, it was such a relief to hear that I wasn’t the only parent struggling with infant sleep. Sarah & Eli were both so knowledgeable and helpful - they provided small, feasible suggestions during each meeting that were easy to implement and were very effective. As baby sleep is not linear, there are still bad nights but now I know this is normal and it’s okay. When a new pattern emerges, I refer back to the Baby Sleep Course material and it helps me make the changes my son needs me to. I also always know I can reach out to My Connected Motherhood if I need any support. I recommend this program to anyone looking for a personalized, caring way to get more sleep for their family!" - Brooke

"My daughter was three and a half, almost four months old, when we started having issues, and I started reaching out over social media to Sarah and Elli and consuming their content and understanding more. Then I learned about the course and I signed up for it when my daughter was five months old. There’s this strange idea that if your baby doesn’t sleep 7-7 and fall asleep independently that you failed as a parent but The Baby Sleep Experience provided me with not only a community of people who wanted to parent the same way that I do from that perspective, but also a lot of information around how this is not forever and is normal and also helped with those feelings of hopelessness.

Before this, I thought my only option would be to sleep train when my daughter was not letting us put her down at night in the crib but through The Baby Sleep Experience we were able to begin putting her in the crib without using any sleep training. Some nights she will spend only the beginning of the night there but she also has nights she will stay and slept there soundly for 10-11 hours. A big change for me was feeling more confident. Now what I have is a good plan for those nights when she does sleep in her crib on her own and a good plan for more importantly,  those nights whenever she needs a little bit more support. I feel a lot more confident about being able to handle it overall.  The course also has a lot of materials for anything else that might come up as she changes and things evolve that I like being able to log back into and have access to.

None of the recommendations Sarah and Elli made were separation based. We had a lot of conversations about emotion and supported tears and how that is different than cry it out. Something else that was really different about The Baby Sleep Experience was that I was given a  different perspective on making changes. Instead of just taking away my support, I was able to learn how to support my daughter differently in a way that worked for all of us that made it possible for me to still show up her and continue to be responsive. I feel so much more empowered now but also I feel like I got back my sleep and my sanity. I still get up with her because I want to maintain that nurturing relationship and I don't mind supporting her back to sleep, especially now when it is maybe a couple of times a night and not every hour like it was before. Now, it feels a lot more like I was expecting and hoping for as a parent.

I would recommend The Baby Sleep Experience to anyone who is looking to make changes in how you support your little one to sleep or who might be looking to find alternative ways to get more sleep in general that are a little bit different than mainstream recommendations.  Elli and Sarah have experience as moms themselves and provided really authentic support which is part of The Baby Sleep Experience that really stuck out for me. I am so thankful, you really helped our family alot!" - Michelle

"I purchased the Baby Sleep Course and had a call with Elli when my 9 month old was having challenges with sleep. Before this, we were dealing with frequent night wakings, false starts, and a lot of difficulty with crib transfers. I had so much anxiety leading up to bed time as I never knew what the night would bring. My frustration levels were also at an all time high while trying to get my baby down for the night which I know dysregulated him even further. My partner and I had zero time together in the evenings because I would spend hours trying to put my little one to sleep. I implemented a few suggestions from the course and my call with Elli. After these changes, my baby now goes down easy each night, and typically wakes only once (and sometimes not at all). I also learned how to introduce new sleep associations gradually which has given me more flexibility in terms of how I support him to sleep (which still includes nursing which we both enjoy!). My partner and I now have time together in the evenings because I'm not spending hours in the nursery. I feel so much better about my little ones sleep and am so glad I was able to make changes while still supporting his emotions and staying present rather than separating from him. That's the thing I loved most about the course and the whole framework for My Connect Motherhood - that I can follow my baby's lead and stay connected to him while still changing things that are no longer working. I would tell anyone who is on the fence about accessing support from Elli and Sarah to GO FOR IT! It has been a game changer for my family and I am so glad I did it!" - Rhaeling

"Prior to signing up for the Baby Sleep Experience, I felt like maybe my baby's sleep wasn't quite 'normal'. I felt insecure and wondered if something was wrong with my child. After taking the course and receiving support from Elli and Sarah, I feel more confident that my child's sleep is normal and that I have more autonomy to change the things that do not work. I really enjoyed having the foundations of sleep science from the course and being able to commiserate with other moms about our babies' sleep. I sensed that we all felt seen and heard by each other and by Elli and Sarah, and that our sleep challenges were all common and fixable. Well worth the investment!" - Helene

"There were so many other pages all about sleep training and less about baby led sleep. From the start, I instinctively wanted to always respond to my baby girls cries and I did. The Baby Sleep Course has made me feel much better about mine and babies sleep, it’s made me confident in responding to my baby. Sarah has been so helpful, never judgemental and was great at looking for ways to help us all get some sleep. Sarah made me realize and feel so much better about contact naps, motion naps, rocking to sleep and nursing to sleep. Which is all sometimes looked at as a “bad habit” but it’s just biology and babies need us to soothe them in order for them to learn. After all they’re just babies and I am so glad to do what feels right for my baby, without feeling “guilt” or being “judged”. Sarah has helped me gained this confidence because I definitely wasn’t this confident in baby sleep before this course or before chatting with Sarah. We as a family are definitely focused on doing what is best for our family and responding to our babies needs, this course has helped us with that. Thank you so much to Sarah and Eli for putting together this amazing sleep course. We appreciate you immensely! Not sure how I’d feel never coming across this page, it has helped on so many ways Sarah has been a great supportive person to speak with. She has really helped with perspective and being able to provide more details and suggestions from the Sleep course. Sometimes you’re just so tired you forget exactly what you learned (or at least this happened to me) then she was able to provide me with direction to ease my mind. Now my baby is sleeping a lot better. Glad we went this route for Baby sleep. I always felt very supported." - Vanessa