The Baby Sleep Course is an amazing resource for parents when it comes to baby sleep, but if you are looking for help with a more specific issue, our Mini Sleep Courses will be the perfect fit for your family! These courses are self-paced and are built using modules from our larger comprehensive course. 

Fundamentals of Sleep

Promote sleep for your whole family with the fundamentals of sleep! These mini modules will help you to understand how sleep works, what drives sleep, how to optimize a sleep environment for sleep and safety, and how and why we prefer to use rhythms and routines rather than schedules.

Feel confident in empowering your child to sleep by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of sleep.

Night Weaning

Transitioning away from nighttime feeds is a big change for everyone and one we feel should be done with compassion, closeness, and comfort.

 The strategies presented will give you everything you need to either eliminate all night feeds or to reduce night feeds from your current number of feeds to your ideal number of feeds. We don’t believe there is one approach that works for every family so you will have access to 4 different approaches, plus special options for parents of highly sensitive or spirited babies. This will allow you to choose the best approach for your unique child.

Common Sleep Challenges

Let us guide you through addressing common sleep challenges including early rises, false starts and split nights. We will help you to identify the cause of the concern you have with your little one's sleep while also providing you with the education and guidance you need to make changes without ever using any sleep training or separation based techniques.